About the Foundation

Board Members
  • Tracy Krohn Chairman

    Current Chairman and Founding Member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Foundation

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  • John Speer Vice Chairman

    BBA, CPA, MBA - John Speer has been involved in the home building and mortgage industries for over 40 years. He has participated in the construction and/or financing of more than $ 7 billion of real estate, including over 40,000 homes. Currently, John builds under the Travis Homes name.

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  • John Houghtaling Foundation President

    Current President and Founding Member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Foundation

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  • Lawrence M Blackburn Vice President – Treasurer

    Lawrence M. Blackburn is a Founding Member of the HCSOF and currently serves as the Treasurer.
    As a CPA has been the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Goodman Global, Inc. since September 2001, as and was appointed to the Board of Directors in April, 2008.

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  • Franco Valobra Foundation Vice President

    A Founding Member of the HCSOF and current Foundation Vice President, Franco Valobra shares his time between New Orleans and Houston running his three Jewelry Ateliers. Additionally, he is heavily involved in fundraising on behalf of a number of community organizations.

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Founding Members
  • David Baggett
  • Dr. Devinder Bhatia
  • W.A. “Beau” Bisso, IV
  • Patrick Burk
  • Jerry Caroom
  • Roberto Contreras
  • Greg Curran
  • David DeLeon
  • David Dunlap
  • Richard Fant
  • Jay Fields
  • William Harrison
  • Butch Mach
  • Steve Mach
  • Dr. Michael Mann
  • John Moritz
  • Amber Mostyn
  • Michael Plank
  • Matthew Rigdon
  • Joe Rubbo
  • John W. Sinders, Jr.
  • Alan Stein
  • Ugo Tombolini
  • Hallie Vanderhider
Deceased Founding Members
  • W.A. “Cappy” Bisso, III
  • Steven Mostyn
Emeritus Founding Members
Honorary Foundation Members
  • Anurag Dandiya
  • Jerome Bocuse
  • Daniel Boulud
  • Thomas Keller
Legal Advisor
Executive Director

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